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Discovering a termite infestation can be alarming when you are ready to list your home on the market. You may wonder, “Can you sell a house with termite damage?” At Chattanooga Property Solutions, we buy homes like yours for cash.

A termite problem may dissuade some prospective buyers, but you can follow a few steps to ensure you get the most out of your transaction. Consider what our Chattanooga Property Solutions crew has to say about selling a home with termite activity, then call our office to streamline your sale.

What To Know About Selling a House With Termites

Subterranean termites can be a significant nuisance when you need to sell your real estate quickly. These common pests destroy more than half a million U.S. properties every year. In most cases, eliminating them costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Here are four things to know if you want to sell a house with termite damage:

  •  State laws: Tennessee real estate laws require you to disclose termite damage to homebuyers before closing a deal. These regulations apply to both active and past infestations. You should also disclose any record of termite treatment that included the use of pesticides or other chemical solutions.
  •  Pest control: Termites can be elusive. It’s important to hire an inspector to identify any signs of these insects in your home’s siding, foundation, vents, or attic before listing your property on the market.
  •  Outside damage: Can you sell a house with termite damage in the yard? Termites thrive in stacks of firewood, under fencing, and near wooded areas. Fortunately, you can still sell your property as long as you inform buyers and complete the proper due diligence to eliminate the problem.
  •  Property value: Termite damage may reduce the value of your home by nearly a quarter of its initial price. Moreover, some interested buyers may not be able to afford the loans needed to repair untreated damage — reducing the number of bids on your property.

How To Sell a House With Termites

Do you need to sell a house that has current or past termite damage? Consider the following:

  •  Hire an exterminator: The fastest way to sell a house with termites is by hiring an exterminator to eliminate the problem before it spirals out of control. Whether they use chemical sprays, trap treatments, or tenting solutions depends on the type of termites present. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for these services, but the upfront costs are well worth the money you will save by maintaining your home’s value.
  •  Sell to reputable investors: You may be able to sell your property ‘as is’ by choosing a reputable real estate investor in your area. These professionals usually have the budgets to repair and flip homes. This solution may be practical if you need to sell your property quickly.
  •  Restore your home: Investing in replacement siding, floors, and wooden fixtures may resolve your termite issue and increase the value of your home. Still, these renovations can be expensive, so it’s best to hire a real estate agent to ensure you get the highest returns from your restorations.

Get a Cash Offer From Chattanooga Property Solutions

Do you have termite damage? Don’t worry. At Chattanooga Property Solutions, we can purchase your problem property with cash. Our team has years of experience buying homes that require extensive care. Explore our success stories to see how we simplify the home-selling process.

Can you sell a house with termite damage? Learn more by calling our experts at Chattanooga Property Solutions at (423) 454-3070.


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