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Potential buyers might shy away from buying a home that needs work in favor of a turn-key option. So, how can you sell a house that needs repairs? 

Below, discover the best options to sell your home at a fair price. If you’re still wondering, “How can I sell my house fast in Chattanooga?” after reading, look to Chattanooga Property Solutions for a team that helps homeowners just like you sell with ease.

Common Repair Projects Homeowners May Face

Every house needs maintenance and repair work over the years to keep up appearances and remain structurally sound. Ambitious homeowners might feel comfortable tackling minor repairs, such as painting projects or updating lighting fixtures. Unfortunately, jobs that impact the structural integrity and not just the aesthetic often cost more and require a professional. 

For example, some common home repairs that require more attention and money include the following:

  • Badly damaged shingles and an aging roof
  • Water damage indoors or outdoors
  • A cracked foundation
  • Rotted or damaged siding

Your Options for Selling a House Needing Repairs

Ask a real estate expert, “Can you sell a house that needs repairs?” and they’ll tell you that you have two options—fix or sell as is. The decision you make will impact the sale price, so think about what you’re willing to sell the house for. Are you prepared to spend some money if you want to list the house at a higher price?

Option 1: Perform Repairs and Raise the Home’s Value

Typical buyers don’t want to purchase a home and immediately spend more money on major repairs. If you don’t address problems, you might have trouble selling your house. Even just one repair project might raise the value if it gives potential buyers peace of mind. 

If your timeline and budget allow, consider tackling a few repair projects to get top dollar for your house. 

Option 2: Sell the House As Is 

Spending thousands on major repairs might not be feasible but neither is wasting time. If you need to sell the house fast, research companies that buy properties as is, like Chattanooga Property Solutions. Cash offers and fast closings could get the property off your hands quickly. 

If you go this route, note that the offer you receive will reflect the current market and take into consideration any repairs the house needs. The sale price won’t be as high if you choose not to do repairs or upgrades before selling.

Sell Your House Quickly With Help From Chattanooga Property Solutions

Whether you need help selling a house with water damage, structural issues, or extensive repairs, there are always options. Not only can you sell a house that needs repairs but you can get a cash offer quickly from professionals like Chattanooga Property Solutions. With over 20 years of experience as the only five-star-rated company in Tennessee to buy your house as is, we’d love to help.

Reach out to Chattanooga Property Solutions today at (423) 454-3070 to receive an offer on your home.

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