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For many people, selling their homes is a time-consuming process. Still, you might be wondering if the house selling process is as long as you think. 

Look no further than Chattanooga Property Solutions when it’s time to “sell my house fast in Chattanooga.” With more than 20 years of real estate experience, our team can help you understand what to expect with the house selling timeline in the post below. 

Main Contributing Factors of the Timeline for Selling a House

The process of buying a home isn’t the same as selling a house so the timelines for each will differ. However, before putting your home on the market, you must understand that your timeline may be different from other homeowners due to various factors:

  • Local Real Estate Market Conditions: The ebb and flow of the housing market’s supply and demand largely dictate how fast properties can sell. 
  • House Price: Be competitive not greedy when pricing your home. It’ll entice more potential buyers if you don’t overprice it.
  • Condition of the Property: If your property doesn’t require significant repairs or renovations, it’ll likely sell quickly.
  • Property Location: Homes in desirable neighborhoods with low crime, excellent schools, and local amenities are more likely to attract potential buyers than homes in rougher communities. 

Ideal Timeline to Prepare for a Home Sale

The process of selling a home includes everything from listing and showing the property to waiting for the buyer to pay the closing costs after accepting an offer. The general house selling process timeline includes crucial steps for the three months leading to the property’s listing and showing.

3 Months

Three months before listing your house, research your property and the local housing market to understand what makes your house desirable or unattractive. Now is the time to start sprucing up the interior and exterior of the property and repair known problems. Houses with renovations usually boost sale prices. 

2 Months

At the two-month mark, you should also choose a real estate agent. They will guide you through the selling process and advise you on the best preparation methods for your home’s listing. 

Seller disclosures are necessary for home sales so prepare to make one. They list a property’s known problems, completed repairs, and what still needs to be done.

1 Month

The month before listing your home is for cleaning and staging the property. You also should take professional listing pictures, create a virtual tour, and determine your asking price. 

Get Help Selling Your Home From Chattanooga Property Solutions

The house selling process timeline is substantially shorter when you work with Chattanooga Property Solutions in Tennessee. As a locally-owned and operated company with a five-star rating, our team can walk you through the entire process to ensure you get the best deal fast.We make as-is cash offers on houses in the area and eliminate the need for a drawn-out process. 

Whether you want to sell an inherited house or rental property as quickly as possible, we can do it. Call (423) 454-3070 for a fair cash offer from Chattanooga Property Solutions. 

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