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Dealing with loss contributes to an emotionally and financially strenuous time. Between final medical bills, legal fees for settling estates, and funeral arrangements, the last thing you need is more expenses piling up. While inheriting a home proves beneficial in many circumstances, the option to sell inherited houses hassle-free could also lighten the load.

Chattanooga Property Solutions experienced team of licensed real estate agents knows what it takes to put a house in a fair market fast and effortlessly. Rather than hold off on selling while paying for a home you don’t live in, let us help you out with a cash offer to get it off your hands. And if our best offer isn’t a fit, we can successfully list your home to find a better one in Chattanooga, TN.

Is Selling the Appropriate Choice for You?

Are you living in an apartment but want your own place? Maybe your growing family is going to require a larger estate soon. An inherited house may seem like the silver lining after tragedy strikes, but it could be a burden to those already in their forever home or who cannot afford the additional expenses.

If you have a primary residence and moving into the new home isn’t an option, you can sell or rent the secondary space. While the latter puts money back into your wallet, you still carry expenses, especially with older properties, such as:

  • Repairs. Dilapidated rooftops, outdated HVACs, and ailing plumbing systems need repairs when moving or leasing out the property. Selling it sooner might be more cost-effective. 
  • Mortgage. Has the original owner repaid the mortgage in full? If not, it transfers to you.
  • Taxes. Have you considered capital gain and property taxes? You might be able to minimize these items by selling at the time of inheritance.

How Does Selling the Inherited House Work?

Choosing to sell an inherited house can be a hard decision if it’s a childhood home or full of happy memories. Relying on professionals like Chattanooga Property Solutions can ease the burden and streamline the sale process.

After you reach out to our specialized agents, we’ll schedule a meeting at the inherited home’s location to get a better feel for the property value and concerns. We’ll consider repairs and replacements. We’ll also discuss whether you want to keep or rent the space and the options open to you from there. 

You’ll then receive a proposal outlining our initial purchase price and closing date. However, if the sale price isn’t what you had in mind, we can still take your estate to a reputable company for closing. Their attorneys will provide the appropriate legal documents and property checks.

FAQs About How to Sell Inherited Houses in Chattanooga

Can multiple family members inherit one property?

Yes, multiple heirs could inherit a single property. When this occurs, they must decide as equal stakeholders whether to sell, rent, or move into the estate. With disputes or disagreements, the Chattanooga Property Solutions team could assist by serving as mediators.

Is probate necessary when inheriting a house?

Probate is sometimes, but not always, necessary. Hiring an estate attorney is only vital in certain instances, such as if the will’s executor was unclear when the deceased passed. Probate will then verify the will during a judicial process, making it a binding public document.

Whether you need to sell inherited houses or run something past an experienced real estate agent, there’s only one trusted team in Chattanooga, TN, and the surrounding areas. Call (423) 454-3070 to schedule a consultation with Chattanooga Property Solutions today!

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