Can You Sell a Condemned House?

Property owners who want to sell a house fast in Chattanooga but are concerned about legal issues because of condemnation now have an option that will provide a fast and fair cash offer. Can you sell a condemned house? The answer is “yes,” and help from a professional cash offer firm can make the process as stress-free as possible.

Can You Sell A Condemed House

What Does It Mean for a Property To Be Condemned? 

People are sometimes unsure about what is considered a condemned property. Generally, being “condemned” means some level of government has decided that a property must either be sold or vacated. The government can condemn property needed for a public purpose through eminent domain. Other times, officials can declare a property unsafe and unable to be used for its normal purpose.

The most common reason governments condemn houses is because they have been vacated and have become dangerous because owners have not maintained them. The laws governing condemnation vary from county to county and city to city.

The specific reasons for condemnation affect a house’s cash value differently. Some situations can be fixed with structural damage repairs or removal of non-permitted construction and code violations. Other times, the condemnation will require the demolition of existing structures. 

Can People Live in a Condemned House? 

Typically, no one is permitted to live in a condemned house until the owner has resolved the legal problems with the property, if possible. The legal constraints that prevent living in a house have an obvious detrimental impact on the property value.

The same restrictions that prevent using a condemned house as a residence can impair the ability to sell the property in some jurisdictions. Professional cash buyers research the requirements involved in permitting the transfer of title to the condemned property to determine what, if anything, must be done before a cash closing can take place.

Who Will Buy a Condemned House?

Can you sell a condemned house? Of course, there is a limited market for condemned property. Some real estate investors and agents are usually only interested in listing condemned houses once the owner has cleared up the condemnation. That process typically involves bringing the structures up to compliance with building codes, whatever expense that entails. 

People own condemned property for many reasons, including inheritance, investment, and foreclosure on owner-financing mortgages. Whatever the reason, an owner may want to convert damaged property to cash quickly. Chattanooga Property Solutions will help provide a fair cash price for your condemned property anywhere in the Chattanooga region, just as it sits.

Contact Chattanooga Property Solutions To Learn How To Sell a Condemned House

If you own a property condemned by the government and selling it seems impossible, let Chattanooga Property Solutions discuss a cash offer with you. We will evaluate your property’s status and remove the stress by providing a fair cash offer and setting a closing date at your convenience. The timeline for selling a house can be under your control — not the market’s or agents’. 

Can you sell a condemned house? Call Chattanooga Property Solutions today at (423) 454-3070 to learn how quickly you can turn your problem property into cash at closing.

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