Understanding Credibility

You may have seen a growing amount of the signs advertising “We Buy Homes” scattered around Chattanooga. You may have even felt like calling up one of the numbers to see if they’re legit. Hopefully we can answer a few questions you may have and maybe even a few you wouldn’t have considered here. 

Are they legit?

First question you probably have is “Are they Legit”. We want to take a minute and tell you a few things to look out for to make sure you know the answer to that question on your own. Buying and selling homes is a reputable business and a career for many people (you can check out some of Chattanooga Property Solutions’ reviews on Google). However, as with any business, there will be people who don’t actually care about who they do business with and will make the profession look bad for everyone. You should always do your best to do research into who you’re working with; there are many people who are reputable, legitimate, ethical, and are more than willing to help you get a deal that’s best for you. Dishonest people will always insert themselves into any profession that makes money. While they do exist, they are the exception, not the rule. 

What do they do?

What do House Buyers even do? Ask any reputable home buyer this question and they will likely say they try to help people improve their lives by helping them get out of tough situations. Whether it’s medical expenses, major life events, or you need to relocate, a home buyer will gladly help you get as much as you can from your home as quickly as possible whenever you need the help.

Another way they help is by buying properties that might not otherwise sell. Traditionally selling your home on the open market can take a long time and a home requiring repairs may not ever sell. That’s where we come in and help. Many consider flipping homes to be the most current “Get Rich Quick” scheme and this is simply not true. Reality TV has not helped with this perceived nature by changing the reality of this profession in the name of ratings and viewership. Majority of this line of work is simply coordinating many people to be sure that everything happens on time. 

Deciding Who To Work With

Something else you want to do when considering who to work with is to ask questions. It’s that simple. Ask open ended questions about them and their business and someone who’s legitimate and willing to help will answer to the best of their ability. Some examples are: How do you help your clients? What do you do for potential sellers? What can you tell me about the services you offer? How can I know that you will close on my home? What aspect of your business makes you the most proud? On the other hand there are a few answers you should be wary of as well. Answers such as “kitchen table closings” generally imply that the buyer wants you to sign over the deed at your home and not a place of business. Places such as a Title Company or less commonly Attorney’s offices are great places to do reputable business because it implies there’s nothing shady going on.

Another thing to be wary of is someone who is pressuring you to sell. You should expect an offer but that offer should be good for long enough to allow you to properly make a good decision, not feel pressured into selling. People who are doing legitimate business want you to have time to feel comfortable in your decision. The kind of people you want to work with will take their time and answer all of your questions and are interested in the long term relationships they build along the way.

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