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thinking about selling your house fast for cash in cattanooga?

This may be your first time selling your home, or it may have been some time since the last time you’ve had to sell a home. Maybe you’re new to the area, or the city has changed since the last time you’ve tried to sell. Whatever the reason, if you’ve been thinking “how could I sell my house fast, for cash” we’ve got you covered. Let’s go over a few things that may affect the sale of your home. 

Growing Population

First thing that will make a huge difference is the ever growing population. Chattanooga has been growing at a steady rate (about 10% since 2010) and this means a surge in purchase demand in this area. Many of the current population looking for homes are Millennials.

Millennials are currently about 38% of the current home buying population in Chattanooga. Also, Chattanooga has been steadily growing in the number of available jobs. With local tech startups growing and with the recent addition of 10Gbps of community wide internet speeds, Chattanooga has been moving straight for the title of the new southern tech hub.

Home Prices

Home prices are growing. Median sale prices for homes has grown by about 30% from 2015-2019. If you bought your home within the last few years, chances are that you’ve gained a fair amount of equity into your home over this short time. The amount of time a home stays on the open market has been less and less and was down over 20% at the end of 2020. Homes are even selling within 39 days. We’re professional home buyers that help homeowners sell their homes for cash in as quickly as 7 days!

Highlighting Features Can Help You Sell Fast

Chattanooga has its own highlights you will want to focus on when you do decide to sell your home. Firstly, you should probably point out how close your home is to the riverfront. You are most likely aware of how important the Tennessee river is to locals. Homes close to the riverfront are in high demand right now and advertising the home being within walking distance, or a short drive, will be appealing to anyone who wants that close proximity.

Other things you may want to point out is availability to things like electric paddle-boarding or nearby boat ramps. Highlighting major features will help attract not only locals but even more so if the buyer is from out of town. 

Updating Your Home

Another few things to consider would be updates to the home. Average home in Chattanooga is at least 45 years old. Homes this old tend to look dated as the trends in remodeling and decorating have changed over the last few decades. It’s a growing trend for people who are looking for “Turn Key” or “Move In Ready” homes.

It’s certainly not realistic or in some cases possible to fix everything, there are a few things you can change relatively easily that will have a major impact in providing your home that much needed face-lift. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t make repairs, give us a call. We’ve bought homes from tons of homeowners that couldn’t afford to make repairs on their homes. You can check out some of Chattanooga Property Solutions reviews on Google!

First thing you may want to consider is replacing a more dated backsplash with something more neutral. Oftentimes this is a relatively cheap DIY project you can complete yourself that will do wonders for the look of the home.

While we’re talking about the kitchen, paint your cabinets white. Homebuyers have been more likely to buy a home with white cabinets and a can of paint is not an expensive purchase that should only take a weekend to update.

There is also a growing trend of home buyers wanting a more farmhouse aesthetic. A few purchases at a place like Target or even Amazon can help add this farmhouse feel to the home and really increase your chances to sell.

Lastly, you should consider the flooring in your home. Hardwood is always in style and usually something many home buyers will actively search for, but on the other hand many home buyers are turning away from carpet especially dated colors or styles. 

Outdoor Work

Another place to consider spending some effort is on the outside of the home. Something as simple as trimming the trees and garden, if there are any, will help sell the idea that this home requires little maintenance and is ready for the buyer to move into. You may also want to think about things a home buyer might not look at but a home inspection will bring up. Turn that gutter or downspout away from the home. Check and make sure there are no signs of mold on the outside of the home as well. It may even be worthwhile to power wash and sidewalks or driveways as well.

All of these steps can help you to get a fast cash offer on your home at the highest possible price, or can get you ready to list!

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