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Selling that long-time home you love doesn’t always mean going bigger. You might sell house to retire, just like many others in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding communities. The process sometimes starts with downsizing to an apartment, especially when the children have grown and moved out, or the homeowner has big plans to travel.

Whatever you want, it’s natural to wonder whether selling is the best option. What needs to happen to navigate the change successfully? Chattanooga Property Solutions licensed real estate agents have sold countless homes to people entering their golden years and will happily walk you through the process to help you prepare.

When Is Selling Best?

Do you live in a neighborhood with amazing aesthetics and a strong housing market? There’s a great chance your home’s value has increased.

Why wait for the real estate market to drop? Receive cash for your home so that you can move on to the following:

  • Diversify. Create a diverse investment portfolio using the sale money to invest in bonds, smaller homes, or other ways to grow your capital. You don’t have to keep all your eggs in one basket.
  • Free up Cash. Why strain funds on maintaining a vast home? The appliances, fixtures, and systems will only need more repairs as time goes on. Opt for a smaller or newer home and improve your financial situation.
  • Relax. Do you want to travel without a high-maintenance property needing your attention back home? If you’re spending little time at home after retirement, cut ties on utility and mortgage bills you don’t need and bolster your retirement fund savings instead. 

Sell House to Retire the Right Way

Are you moving into one of many top-tier retirement communities in Chattanooga, settling down with relatives, or finding a new place? Contact our reputable real estate agent by filling out a form or calling our office. Our specialized property experts will visit your home, conduct a 30-minute walk-through, and let you know if we want to make an offer.

If so, we’ll draft a proposal that relays our closing costs and dates, including when you would need to move out. If you don’t like the numbers, you can always decline our offer. You may also want to sign a contract that we’ll take to another company to provide you with other offers.

FAQs About Selling Homes for Retirement 

Do you provide a no-obligation offer?

Yes, we provide a no-obligation offer to ensure we meet your needs at all phases of the selling process. You can always ask us to run your home by another company for comparison offers too.

Is it okay to sell my home with low equity?

You can sell a low-equity home, but will it cover all the expenses? Most retirees wait until the selling price can cover other expenses (including the current mortgage and downpayment on a new home).

How can I raise my estate equity?

Estate equity hinges on the difference between your home’s market value and its mortgage balance. Paying off the mortgage in larger or more frequent payments will lower it quickly. You can also wait for market-related changes or try home improvements.

Sell House To Retire | Chattanooga, Tennessee

Have you decided to sell your house to retire in the way you’ve always dreamed of? If you’ve already repaid your mortgage, you’ll enjoy an even higher return on investment. Chat with Chattanooga Property Solutions to ease the process as you take on another chapter in life. 

Chattanooga Property Solutions trusted team assists by purchasing or listing homes in Chattanooga, TN, and surrounding areas—call (423) 454-3070 today for a consultation!

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