You may have decided that you want to sell your home, but we want to be sure that you don’t make any preventable mistakes. A few of the things we will cover will be the right price, agents, showings, deadlines, and lastly prepping the house to sell. All of these things can help make or break the sale and we want to be sure that you don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to sell your home fast

Now the first major decision you will need to make regarding the sale of your home is to list the home at the right price. First time home sellers will often make the mistake of incorrectly pricing their home. Everyone wants top dollar for their home, but it’s entirely possible that you will over price your home and make it significantly harder to sell the home. Holidays, emotional attachments, and other factors will often lead to an amount of personal value that won’t necessarily translate to actual value. Overpricing your home will lead to the home sitting on the market for an extended period of time and this will lead to buyers being more likely to pass on the home. Buyers are wary when it comes to a home that’s been sitting on the open market for too long. With today’s more modern searches, it’s very easy for a buyer to exclude listings that have sat on the market for too long from their searches, meaning your home won’t be viewed as a possibility for purchase.

Next, you will need to choose who you plan to work with to sell the home. You can always enlist the assistance of a real estate agent. These agents do come with their own financial costs however. Their commissions and other fees will come along with their expert assistance. It is always a good decision to enlist the help of a professional, but there’s another option you have at a lower cost to you. You can sell your home to a cash buyer. A cash buyer ( like Chattanooga Property Solutions)can work with you on the purchase of your home. They are experienced in the home sales process and have made it their profession to buy homes from homeowners like you. Your last option is the least likely option to make the best decision for you, and that’s to list your home on your own. For sale by owner is an option you have and means you take the chance to sell it on the open market without any assistance. You will pay the least in fees and can advertise the home for whatever price you’d like, but you’re responsible for all of the necessary paperwork and disclosures required by your State, County, or City ordinances. 

However you’ve decided to sell your home, you will need to present your home to a potential buyer. This is called a showing. Showings generally take an entire day or even a weekend. You will need to present the home in a way that a potential buyer will imagine themselves in your home. You will want to highlight all of the selling points of the home, while also minimizing the negatives that might make the buyers might decide against your home. If you’re still living in the home you will need to make sure that everything is tidy all of the time and that as many overly personal items, such as photos, are hidden from view. Too personal of a home can make a buyer not feel like the home could be theirs. 

Next we did want to discuss the fact that you should prep your home if you’re trying to sell. This can be as simple as straightening up the home. It could also be painting, updating rooms, or even major repairs. You will have to invest either time, money, or effort into getting the home ready to sell. The more you put into the home, the more you will get out of it, to a certain degree. 

Lastly, you need to be sure that you make sure that you do everything you can to meet your deadlines. Federal and local laws are definitely a factor when you decide to sell your home. There’s quite a lot of documents that are involved when you sell your home and can overwhelm anyone. 
Chattanooga Property Solutions has been helping homeowners sell their homes for cash for years now, and we’re ready to buy yours too. Contact us today, or check out some of our home buying reviews here.

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