Not everyone is prepared to sell their home. Some homes require more effort than others. Is your home in need of some serious repairs? Do you have the time and money required to tackle those repairs? If the answer is no, there’s hope for you. Even in poor condition you can still sell your home. Most adults nowadays have seen those shows on HGTV that depict picture perfect homes all achieving the highest dollar sales. These are not realistic to most people. Many people have cracked foundations, cracked driveways, outdated rooms or appliances, or even a leaky roof. But, there’s good news; you can still sell your home as-is.

Selling Your Home As Is

For many the decision to sell your home comes with a certain measure of stress. Thinking about the status of your home is a worry most share with you. Selling your home as-is is available to you and is a lot easier than you’d think. You need to ask yourself first if you’re ready, what your timeline is, and what you want out of your sale. You need to determine the goal of selling your home. You need to have a realistic timeframe to complete your sale in mind as well. Lastly though, don’t forget your own financial situation. Some choose to sell as-is because of the cost of repairs, some can’t deal with the stress, and others still don’t have time. Whatever your reason, you must ultimately make the reason to sell and understand your motivations.

Many don’t know what selling as-is even means. It means that the buyer is going to pay a price based on how the home is currently, needing repairs or whatever the current state. It could be outdated or even damaged. A cash buyer, like Chattanooga Property Solutions, will take all issues into consideration before making an offer on your home and will work with you to determine the best price for everyone involved. Generally, the cash buyer will invite a contractor with them to inspect the home. The contractor will evaluate the cost of repairs, and then ultimately make an offer depending on the price of the home minus cost of repairs. You do not have to make the repairs yourself or deal with them in any way.

Things to Consider as a Homeowner

There are several things to consider before you decide to sell a home as-is. You wont get a top-dollar offer for the home. This doesn’t mean though that you won’t get the best price available. When you sell to a cash buyer, you don’t have to pay closing costs, realtor fees, repair costs, or any other hidden fees that come up. When a cash buyer makes an offer, that’s the amount you receive. You sell the home and you’re done.Should you choose to sell your home to a cash buyer, do your research. Check google and social media reviews. We’ve got tons of reviews to check out! However, there are also some people looking to scam you as well. When you deal with any cash buyer there are a few questions you should ask them. Who is writing the check? Who do you need to bring into the home? Are you assigning the rights to buy my home? Are you marketing my house on Facebook or Craigslist?

Quick Q&A

Let’s break down those questions and answers you should look for them to provide.

Who is writing the check? 

A real cash buyer will be able to answer this question directly, whereas a fake cash buyer will provide vague answers or avoid the question entirely.

Who is coming into my home? 

A cash buyer will either come themselves, or bring at least their contractor to view the home; however, if after you’ve set the meeting and they bring a lot of people to view the home, they’re not being honest with you. This person most likely is holding an open house without telling you and is hoping one of the people who showed up is going to buy your home.

Are you assigning the rights to buy my house? 

If someone isn’t actually buying your home, they assign the purchase agreement to the real buyer and step out of the way.

Are you marketing my house on Facebook or Craigslist? 

Any cash buyer whose reputable will always respect your privacy. Anyone who’s advertising your home on social media is desperately trying to find someone to buy your home because they can’t or don’t have the proper tools to do so.

If you still have questions about how getting a cash offer for your home works, or selling your house as-is, feel free to contact us directly! We’ve been buying houses professionally for 15+ years now in Chattanooga, so we definitely know how to help homeowners!

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