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Do you want to sell your home with code violations but can’t find an offer? If you’re searching “How to sell my house with code violations,” consider Chattanooga Property Solutions. We buy houses for cash, regardless of the condition.

In general, you can sell a house with code violations, but either the buyer or seller must bring the home up to code before the closing. Chattanooga Property Solutions expertly handles those repairs after we make an offer. Call us today and have an offer in just a couple of days.

Most Common Code Violations

We buy a lot of houses. That’s how we know the following are the most common code violations that prevent people from selling a house:

  • Permit problems: Certain renovations require permits. Without correct permits, buyers must demolish the renovation, and most don’t find it worth the investment.
  • Windows: Windows can result in a code violation if they’re cracked, improperly framed, insecurely attached, or have holes.
  • Smoke alarms: Many cities have laws concerning where homeowners must place smoke alarms. If they’re missing or incorrectly located, you’re violating the code. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.
  • Venting: When the vents in your bathroom release air into an attic or other space rather than outside, it’s grounds for a code violation.
  • GFCIs: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters help prevent electrical fires, and every bathroom and kitchen must have them. If they’re missing, it’s a major safety concern and code violation.
  • Railings: If certain stairways don’t have railings, or the railings are open at the end, it’s a safety hazard.
  • Electrical panel: Most common in older homes, an outdated or insufficient electrical panel can become overloaded. To remove the code violation, you must replace the entire panel.
  • Plumbing: Your plumbing can cause code violations in various ways, including a leaking water heater, improper piping, or missing nail plates.

Benefits of Selling for Cash

If you’re searching “How to sell my house with code violations,” consider selling to Chattanooga Property Solutions for cash. 

  • Saving money: When you sell directly to us, you won’t pay a realtor a commission, and we take care of all the closing costs. We also buy the house as-is, meaning you don’t have to pay for repairs.
  • Easier offer: While we don’t make an offer on every house we see, we buy houses most other people won’t even consider. You’re much more likely to receive an offer when you call us.
  • Fewer people: When Chattanooga Property Solutions buys your home, you only have to deal with us. You won’t hire a realtor, you won’t manage showings. With us, it’s one person, one offer.
  • Speed: When you accept our offer, you can close within ten to 60 days, depending on your schedule. This is faster than any other closing process and helps you move on to the next phase of your life.

Let Chattanooga Property Solutions Sell Your Home

How does Chattanooga Property Solutions help you sell your home with code violations? First, call us or fill out a form online to tell us about your house. 

Next, we perform an inspection and market evaluation of your home based on its current condition. If you accept, we set a closing day where you’re 100% guaranteed your cash payment.

You can now stop searching “How to sell my house with code violations.” As the top home buyer in south-central Tennessee, Chattanooga Property Solutions buys homes in any condition. It’s the most stress-free option to sell your home.

Are you ready to receive an offer on your home? Call us at (423) 454-3070.

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