A Transformational Success Story:  How to Sell My House Fast - Tunnel Hill, GA

Helping a Family through the Home Selling Process

This is the story of how our down-to-earth approach helped turn a challenging situation into a manageable and home selling process. 

In the quiet town of Tunnel Hill, Georgia, Chattanooga Property Solutions (CPS) played a crucial role in Tempestt's life by offering a practical solution to a common problem when they wanted to sell their house fast

The Seller's Dilemma

Tempestt found herself at a crossroads. Her childhood home, where her mom once resided, needed repairs and care she couldn't provide. With her mom moving in with her, the vacant house became a repository of a lifetime's collection, coupled with deteriorating conditions - from failing kitchen floors to a non-operational air conditioning system.

Property Overview

  • Address: 841 Mountain Leaf Dr, Tunnel Hill GA 30755

  • Type: Single-family home

  • Bedrooms: 3, Bathroom: 1

  • Size: 1,344 sq ft

  • Built: 1981

How Selling a House quickly provided a solution

Understanding Tempestt's predicament, we crafted a cash purchase process tailored to her needs. Our solution allowed her the time to collect valuable and sentimental items from her mother's house, eliminating the stress of an immediate cleanup and costly repairs. We covered all closing costs, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

How a Quick closing helps when selling a house for cash

Within three weeks, we closed the deal, providing Tempestt with the relief she needed. Our unique approach meant she didn't have to worry about cleaning or fixing anything - she left the house untouched and was able to sell to the best cash home buyer. Tempestt was happy with the results and she no longer had to worry about managing her mothers home.

Benefits Of Selling Your Home with a Cash home Buyer

  • Best cash home buyer in Tunnel Hill, Georgia
  • We offer stress-free property selling solutions
  • Closing costs are covered by our team
  • Fast closing, in just three weeks
  • Local expertise in northwest Whitfield County and southern Catoosa County

Top Questions from Home Sellers

Are Cash Home Buyers & ‘We Buy Houses’ Companies Legitimate?

Cash home buyers, also referred to as we buy houses are legitimate businesses. We specialize in the acquisition of houses and are actively involved in purchasing properties from sellers for subsequent resale or rent. 

Similar to any industry, there are bad apples and instances of scams associated with such transactions. It is crucial to work with a trustworthy company like CPS to ensure that you are provided with a pleasant home selling experience. Our company is recognized for its credibility and local presence, offering homeowners a swift and straightforward method to sell their property. 

What if I need more time and don’t want to close on my house fast?

We customize our purchasing schedule to align with yours. Your preferred day becomes our preferred day.  People who sell their homes to cash home buyers do not have to worry about working within the time limits set by standard banks.

Thomas DeMoss, Owner.

"For over 15+ years we have been helping folks with challenging real estate issues and those who needed to sell their house for cash.   Helping people is at the heart of everything we do."

meet some of our clients and Listen to their stories

Mike and his family were moving out of state and needed to sell their Chattanooga house! Our team listened to his situation and gave him a fair offer. He was able to sell his house quick and without any repairs. He chose to sell his house Fast, Easy & Stress-Free!

Mickey had known the owner of a cute home in Rossville for years. He'd been the handyman and lawn guy for her, and as she aged he was the trusted friend who held Power of Attorney for her. When we met, the mortgage company was about a week from foreclosing and taking the home. We were able to move quickly to stop the foreclosure, and provide funds for her ongoing care. Working with Mickey was a pleasure!

Sam's grandfather built this house and the two houses next door in the 50's! Their family wanted someone local who could help them with this huge decision of selling their property. Hear what he had to say about our process and his house selling success story! Sam was a pleasure to work with, and we're so glad we were here to help!

Howard and Shirley turned their East Brainerd house into cash. Best advice they give "don't deal with shady we buy houses companies". We couldn't be more happy with this great experience. If you are thinking of selling your house, let them tell you why it is a smart decision to contact us and see how we can help.

Amanda grew up in Chattanooga but lived in Ireland with her husband. Her grandmother’s physical and mental health had declined to a point that Amanda’s mother lived with her and was the primary caregiver. Amanda received an unexpected and tragic call last year that her mother had passed away. This left Amanda with decisions about the care of her grandmother and what to do with the house that needed to be resolved quickly. She knew her grandmother wouldn't want to move to Ireland but would rather stay close to family members in the local area. Amanda and her husband couldn’t move back to Chattanooga because of family and work responsibilities in Ireland. Comforted by the fact that an assisted living facility was near family members and would allow her grandmother to stay in the local area, Amanda decided selling the house was the best solution to pay for the care her grandmother needed. To reserve her grandmother’s room at the assisted living home, they needed the money fast, which meant they needed to sell her grandmother’s house right away. The house was in good shape but needed many updates and improvements. Amanda explored her options for selling the house quickly and reached out to us. We were able to agree on a fair price and get them the money they needed within just a few weeks. Let her tell you in her own words about the experience.

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