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If you or a loved one suffered tax problems, you might have incurred a lien on your property. The good news is you can sell a house with tax liens in Chattanooga, provided you can find a buyer. Chattanooga Property Solutions wants to buy your property quickly, as-is, and for cash.

If you want a prompt solution to your tax lien problems, contact Chattanooga Property Solutions today.

What Is a Tax Lien?

A lien is any public claim against your property that states you owe someone money. When you fail to pay taxes, mortgage payments, or other fees, the offended organization can place the lien.

A new buyer cannot take possession of a home with a lien. A potential buyer can pay off the lien as part of the closing process, but very few individuals and businesses are willing to do that.

Types of Property Liens

There are three main types of home liens:

  • Mortgage: Lenders use these liens as collateral in case you miss a mortgage payment. 
  • Property tax: The government places these liens on your home when you don’t pay property taxes, and they take precedence over other liens. If left too long, the government can sell your home to recoup its lost payments. 
  • HOA: If you belong to a Home Owner’s Association and neglected your dues, the association can file to place a lien on your property and recover the unpaid fees.

Eliminating the Lien

You can eliminate your lien in three ways.

1. Repay the Debt

The most obvious way to rid yourself of the lien is to pay it off. If you can dig into your savings or have other assets you can sell, you could save your home. However, most people suffer liens because they were short on money.

Some creditors are willing to create a settlement plan so you can pay off the fees over time. If paying off the debt in one lump sum isn’t possible, reach out to the lender and ask about this option.

2. Dispute the Debt

If you have clear documentation and a valid case against the creditor (for example, if they lost your payments), you can dispute the lien and possibly have it erased without paying anything. However, because creditors undergo a rigorous process to file the lien, this option is unlikely to resolve in your favor.

3. Sell the Home

You can sell a house with tax liens in Chattanooga, provided someone pays the debt before the new owner takes possession. When you sell directly to Chattanooga Property Solutions, we’re familiar with all the nuances of selling a home with a lien. 

We can buy the home as-is and eliminate the lien before closing. You’ll walk away with cash, and you can start fresh with a new place to live.

Benefits of Using Chattanooga Property Solutions to Eliminate the Lien

When you sell your house with liens to us, you gain the following benefits:

  • We usually make an offer within 48 days of your initial call and can close in as little as 10 days after you sign.
  • We pay all closing costs and pay off your lien.
  • You won’t have to deal with real estate agents, showings, or loan officers. We’re the only contacts you’ll need.

Choose Chattanooga Property Solutions to Help You

Do you need to sell a house with tax liens in Chattanooga? Chattanooga Property Solutions makes the process quick and hassle-free. Call us at (423) 454-3070 to tell us about your home.

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