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A home might be your greatest investment, but to make the most of it, you must stay on top of the repairs that keep everything in tip-top shape. If your current property’s poor conditions become overbearing, consider an alternative. Perhaps, you might decide to sell a house in disrepair in Chattanooga, TN, to ease the burden and start afresh.

Chattanooga Property Solutions team has years of experience helping residents move old homes that would otherwise become money pits. Whether a few major repairs are too expensive or multiple minor repairs add up, there are solutions. Why not let our licensed real estate agents purchase or list your home so you no longer have to worry?

Are Some Repairs Still Necessary?

While custom or new builds present less hassle in caring for new building materials, fixtures, and appliances, older homes face some challenges. When conditions deteriorate, purchasing a new home might be more cost-effective. However, we still suggest making some repairs.

Subpar systems affect household functionality. Unlike cosmetic repairs, many major system replacements are mandatory and pricey. They could also make or break a sale.

How can you prioritize these alterations? Consider repair types and costs, as well as the current housing market demands. For example, if you have decades-old plumbing, shoddy wiring, or a central heating and cooling system that’s 10 to 15 years old, you will need to legally disclose this information when selling your home. 

What Repairs Should You Consider?

You don’t have to remedy every concern. However, you’ll want to repair or replace anything threatening the home’s structural integrity or the new homeowner’s safety. That’s especially true in low-demand real estate markets where potential buyers have more options. 

Before you sell a house in disrepair, fix the following:

  • Pipes. Broken pipes behind walls and ceilings lead to water damage, wood rot, and fungi.
  • Organic growth. Mold or mildew from leaky roofs, appliances, or pipes spreads and becomes a health problem.
  • Foundations. Slab or foundation cracks happen with drainage issues, soil erosion, and unruly tree roots. They become a structural integrity problem.
  • Roof. Curling, weak, or missing shingles weaken the roof and risk a cave-in.
  • Siding. Damaged siding no longer protects the home and can lead to many issues.

What Is the Selling Process?

After calling Chattanooga Property Solutions, you’ll schedule a time with our real estate agent to inspect your home’s current condition. We’ll outline flaws that inspectors will point out to potential buyers. We’ll also advise you on a total cost estimate for recommended repairs.

We then draft a formal proposal highlighting our asking price, closing date, and relocation date for your consideration. You can also sign a contract that we show to a local company that will provide other offers.

FAQs About Disrepaired Homes

Should I make cosmetic changes to my house before selling it?

Is there fierce competition in the housing market? Newer appliances, cabinets, drawers, flooring, or high-end granite or marble countertops could give your property an edge.

Can repair costs be too much to make a sale?

Real estate agents like us purchase or list any home, no matter the cost commitment. Feel free to ask Chattanooga Property Solutions for details at your initial consultation.

What if I change my mind about selling my home?

We don’t force you to sign a contract that locks you into a sale. You can opt out and ask us to find you a more fitting offer.

If you want to sell a house in disrepair in Chattanooga, TN, and nearby areas, we’ll make the process effortless. Trust Chattanooga Property Solutions to purchase or list your home when you call (423) 454-3070 today!

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