COVID has affected a lot of people. Homeowners have government-backed forbearance programs available to them. However, there are an estimated 400,000 homeowners who did not take full advantage of these programs. These homes may already be behind on their mortgages by getting behind on their payments. The moratoriums put into place in 2020 will eventually end and you want to make sure that you have options available to you.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a major life change in which your home may be at risk, then you may want to consider selling. You may find that this year can begin the slow descent into irreparable credit damage, loss of home, and being forced to move out. You don’t have an unlimited amount of time after your lender has started their processes before it’s too late. It may be in your best interests to instead sell your home and avoid this situation. Selling your home on the open market may not happen soon enough to save you. This is where a cash buyer, like Chattanooga Property Solutions, might be able to help. Once a cash buyer has made their offer you know what money you’ll receive and what options you have.

Unless your home is in great condition, or even a newer home, you may have to invest in repairs or updates in order to sell your home for a full retail price. You will need to fix obvious or major repairs as well as update appliances that are often expensive. Additionally, your listing agent may suggest that you “stage” your home which is at your cost. There are also a lot of surprise fees and commissions that you pay up front in order to complete the sale. If you’re already having financial struggles then this option may not be available to you. However there is hope. An experienced cash buyer can offer to purchase your home “As-Is” without you paying for expensive repairs or high fees.

If you’re already getting pressure from your lender regarding missed or behind payments then adding the additional stress of trying to find extra funds may be too much to bear. Listing your home will only compound any existing stresses you may already possess. The traditional sales process of a home usually includes a lot of waiting, showings, and possibility for sales to fall through. You may have to invest in staging or a professional photographer to give yourself the best chance to make a sale. This is an untold emotional burden on anyone during normal circumstances, much less in the wake of a global pandemic. You have another option. A cash buyer will inspect your home, come up with an offer, and take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

2021 doesn’t have to be the year that you lose your home, but should you decide to sell before it’s too late then you should consider giving us a call. We’ll close the sale in days instead of months and give you cash in hand for your home. This is not a decision anyone makes lightly, but we hope this has helped you find an answer to a problem you may or may not have.

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