The process of selling a home is complicated, and often first time sellers find it difficult to keep up with everything that happens in the process. If you’re working with a real estate agent there’s still a chance that the home won’t sell as well. It’s possible that other homes in your area are simply being offered for a better deal which is making the sales process harder. Whatever the reason you may believe, we have included a few ways that may help in the process of selling your home as well as some reasons that the home might not already be selling.

First thing you may not know, is that there may be better, or worse, times to sell your home in your local area. Depending on where you live, different times of the year just don’t make sense when it comes to trying to sell a home. You may have chosen a bad time of year for your city, such as winter, when locals may not be looking for a new home. It is also possible that other unforeseen market conditions may have affected the sale as well. We buy homes fast all throughout the year, so you can get an offer from us anytime!

Next you want to consider what the first impression of your home looks like. Your first and best chance to make a great impression starts at the curb appeal. Your house could be absolutely beautiful on the inside, but if the outside of the home is in complete disarray then a potential buyer will likely keep driving instead of giving you a chance. Your home’s outward appearance is often not something a new seller will think about prior to selling their home. You want to make sure that basic lawn care is being maintained. A mowed lawn goes a long way to making your home beautiful. You may even want to refresh your landscaping as this can be a minimal investment in the final price of your home. Lastly, you want to be sure that there’s nothing obviously broken on the outside of your home. 

Once you have a buyer on the inside of your home, you want to be sure that your home is marketable. It may not be easy to sell a home that’s overly specific in its decor or style. This can attract a specific buyer but that buyer may not be looking for your home. Wild and crazy decor, bright funky colors, or even outdated features all have a negative effect on the likelihood of your home selling. You can spend time looking for the “right” buyer for the home as-is but that may mean that you lose money on the final sales price. Everyone knows time means money. 

Another consideration to make is how the home looks while furnished. If you’ve already moved most of your belongings out of the home then you may want to consider a staging service. These professional companies are specialists in making an empty home look ready for a new buyer to move right in and this is exactly what your home may need. Staging can go a long way to convince a buyer that they belong in your home and help them put in an offer. Something else you can look into, even if you don’t “stage” the home, are quick, weekend projects that can really lift the look of the home. Sometimes a simple coat of paint can do wonders to make a home feel new and ready for a buyer. Taking as many personal items out of the home can also help as it feels less like it’s your home and more like it could be the buyers.

Lastly, price your home correctly. It’s easy to see value that may or may not be there in your home and ask too much, or even too little, for the property. Pricing a home too high is an easy mistake to make but it can make the sales process take much longer. It can also make it seem like something is wrong with the property when you later lower the price. You can seem desperate to a potential buyer instead of pricing the home correctly the first time. Everyone should get the most for their home but that also means knowing what the home is worth. You can look at other similar properties that have sold recently to help you figure out what you can ask for your home.

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