First Time Home Seller Tips

For many, the first time you sell your home is overwhelming. You’ve obviously never done this before and we’re here to help! Buying your home and selling it are completely different. It takes a fair amount of effort to make sure you get the price that works best for you. We have a few, hopefully, helpful tips below for you to sell your home.

1. Take Good Pictures

Firstly, take pictures. Good photography will be the biggest boon to the sale of your home. Cluttered rooms, bad advertisements, highly personalized rooms, or simply bad pictures will make it more likely that your house will be passed over. You generally only have a few seconds, or clicks, to get someone to be interested in your home. The better quality the photos, the easier your home is to sell. People can picture themselves in your home easier and will push them to consider purchasing it from you. You may even want to hire a professional photographer if your agent doesn’t have the service already.

2. Pack Your Home

Another suggestion we have is similar to the previous one; pack your home and as much of your belongings as possible before you decide to list your home. Box as much as you can and utilize any and all storage you can to make the move easier and the selling process as well. The less personal the home, buyers feel like they’re “intruding” less and it’s easier to sell the vision that the home is already “theirs”. You should be trying to do whatever you can to make sure that your home is ready to be seen. Being hospitable and flexible with private showings is the best way to ensure your home sells.

3. Don’t Decline Showings

Along with the previous point, never decline a showing. Every showing can be a sale. You might feel hesitant at first to let strangers walk through your home, but you need to make your home as available as possible to a potential buyer. You can’t only rely on an Open House to sell your home. The more limiting you are with showings the more you’re limiting potential sales.

4. Be Reasonable with Pricing

Lastly, price your home to sell. Everyone wants top dollar for their home, but top dollar and too expensive are often very close to each other. Don’t make the same mistake most others make and list your home for too high of a price. Buyers can always look at what price you’ve listed your home for and what changes you’ve made to your price over time. Over time the constant dropping of your price makes you look desperate to sell the home. It also gives agents the appearance that you don’t know what you’re doing. In the worst case, it can even make it seem like there’s something wrong with the home as well. You can always ask a professional for their opinion and to help you come up with the price that works best for you.

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