For many people, there’s not a big chance that you will have to sell your home quickly. There is also a chance that you won’t be able to sell your home the traditional way either. Whether it’s bankruptcy, divorce, or a sudden job change that makes you need to move, if you’re asking “Who’ll buy my house for cash?”, we’re here to help with your sudden, and life changing need to sell. 

Something that may hurt your ability to sell your home in the traditional way is the condition of the home. Some major home repairs are often not only extremely expensive, but also have a tendency to take long periods of time to complete. The good news is, there’s low interest rates currently, which means that it may be time for you to look into moving into a new home. 

Something you may want to consider is selling your home As-Is. What this means is that you are aware that there may be things that either need updating or repair and are willing to sell the home in that condition. Usually what this means is that the buyer is willing to take the status of the home into account when they make you an offer. 

We also would like to make sure that you’re aware that selling a home As-Is means that you will need to lower your asking price. Because you’re asking the buyer to accept responsibility for repairs then you shouldn’t ask them for what the home would be worth if it was in pristine condition. If you need to sell the home quickly, then asking for too much to start can mean that you won’t sell your home at first and may not be able to sell the home later because buyers can see how often and how many times a price has been lowered.

If you decide to sell your home As-Is then you will want to make sure that potential buyers account for a renovation loan as well. This lets potential buyers know ahead of time that they will need to be keeping in mind that there will be repairs, or updates, required after the home is purchased. You can also consider asking a cash buyer if they’re interested in the home as well. They, generally speaking, will make you a cash offer on your home in As-Is condition with the intention of making the repairs or updates as needed once they purchase the home. 

Last but certainly not least, you should make sure that you’re up front and as honest as you can possibly be when selling the home. Make sure the buyers know what issues you’re aware of in the home. The last thing you want a potential buyer to do is back out when they find something later, or even worse put yourself at legal risk of issues that may or may not appear even after the home is sold. At the end of the day you want to make sure that you’re keeping yourself safe.

If you still find yourself asking “what company will buy my house for cash” or “how do I get my house sold quickly”, contact us today!

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